A Review of All Candidates For Nephi's Bountiful

Between 1988 and 1992, Warren Aston explored the entire coastline of Southern Oman and Eastern Yemen. He was looking for a coastal area that matched Nephi’s description of the Land Bountiful (for more on Nephi’s description of Bountiful see After all of his travels, Warren was able to identify just 8 coastal locations that had year-long access to fresh water (an absolute necessity for Nephi and his family to spend any length of time building the ship). These 8 locations are pictured below. After comparing the remaining criteria to the sites, Warren determined that Khor Kharfot is the most likely candidate and best fit for Nephi’s Bountiful. It uniquely meets all of Nephi's very specific criteria.  Since that time, most LDS researchers accept that Khor Kharfot is the most viable location for Bountiful. However, George Potter and Richard Wellington have proposed Khor Rori as a possibility, and Revell Phillips has suggested that Khor Mughsayl could also be a viable candidate. At Discover Nephi’s Bountiful, we take you to all three sites and allow you to evaluate them for yourself.

The 8 Coastal Locations With Year-Round Fresh Water
Khor Rori - Proposed By George Potter and Richard Wellington

Khor Mughsayl - Proposed By Revell Phillips

Khor Kharfot - Proposed By Warren Aston